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Our expertise in injection moulding articles and are proud to be the leading producers of largest-selling stationery

Started Plastic Moulding Business with 4 Hand Moulding Machines

We started moulding for M/s. Camlin Ltd. (the leading brand in stationery) with the products like Gum Bottle Caps and Closures. Slowly and steadily we started to grown business with M/s. Camlin Ltd.

Our vision was to grow with the M/s. Camlin Ltd., instead of multiple customers. This resulted in the installation of the first Injection moulding machine in the year 1968. We added more products like Scale, Protractor and Divider. Till the year 1980, three more moulding machines were installed to meet the growing demands of M/s. Camlin Ltd.

Our Services

Plastic injection mouldings often need to be machined or assembly with other components.

Design for Injection Moulding

Apex Technoplast is work in partnership from the initial concept, through the injection moulding design.

Injection Moulding

Apex Technoplast has the capability to produce injection mouldings from 1g to 1.25 kg in weight.

Injection Mould Tools

It is low volume or pre-production tooling or even high speed, multi-cavity stack tools.

Other Services

Plastic injection mouldings often need to be machined or assembly with other components.

We have the expertise, flexibility and facilities to add the finishing touches required. This includes sonic welding, machining, gluing and multi-component assembly.

Right People Right Partner

Apex Technoplast Can Help Whatever Your Requirements.

Offering you a full range of plastic injection moulding services from design, including mouldflow, prototyping and mould making to injection moulding and a wide range of additional services such as machining and assembly.

You can count on us to bring your product to market. We will create a clear project management plan and ensure that you are kept informed about your project at each stage of the process. You will benefit from expert guidance and support in every aspect and we will do so collaboratively with the promise that you will always be able to speak to our technical team whatever your enquiry


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Partnerships For Growth

Our company ethos at Apex Technoplast is one of continual investment in our premises, plant and most importantly our people. Whatever stage you are at in your product development or even if you have existing mould tools, you can rely on our expertise and support from start to finish.

Partnerships For Growth

You Have A New Design

and need experts to verify it for manufacture and injection mould it

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You Have A Mould Tool

and need a moulding partner whose knowledge and support you can rely on

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You Need To Outsource Mould

and want capacity whether for a single tool or suite of tools, short or long term with value-added services’

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We Have A Fabulous Team

We are proud to employ over 200 enthusiastic and dedicated individuals, and we are all passionate about what we do, from customer services to the shop floor through to the board of directors, every one of us is responsible for the continued success of Apex Technoplast